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I am moving to a custom beat format, i will be hosting a collection of old beats for a reasonable bulk price in the coming days. My preference is to work more closely and craft a sound thats picture perfect to you. I will require a small initial investment (seed) that will definitely germinate.

You can reach management at and we will have a conference call to discuss what you need. You can also hit me on ig (dj_cobra_don) if you wish to hit me directly.

DJ Cobra Don Presents Lil F!$H – Splash

Album Art for KickFlamez aka Lil F!$H "Splash"

Album Art for KickFlamez aka Lil F!$H “Splash”

I teamed up with the talented homie KickFlamez ( to present his wild and wet vision. An origin story of sorts, he takes under the moniker “Lil F!$H” and absolutely delivers track after track. 7 original tracks, 7 original beats, 7 original lyrics. This represents the first release of my label “Divine Drive Ent” So i am more than excited to work with such a talented artist.

It is available to stream:

You can also buy the enchanced full resolution version at

New stuff coming

Hey, i got new beats and am currently working on a new album.  Check out the beats and enjoy the music! You can contact me  at for exclusive production. Exclusive production means i fine tune and tailor a song to your specific sound and niche; exclusive production garauntees totally unique MASSIVE tracks that slay the competition with ease. Remember; You are working with a cobra don…..

Click Link for full list of beats